Customer compliments and complaints

The Public Sector Commission (PSC) is committed to building and maintaining relationships with our customers, clients, stakeholders and staff. We encourage and appreciate feedback, which helps us to shape our service delivery and improve the way we interact with others.

Customer compliments

Use the online enquiry form to submit a compliment to the PSC and/or one of our team members. Your message will be passed onto the appropriate person.

Customer complaints

The PSC is committed to a positive complaint management environment where all feedback and complaints are effectively managed in a timely and fair manner.

As an independent central agency of government, the PSC does not have the authority to investigate or intervene in complaints regarding other government agencies or their staff.

You can submit complaints anonymously if you wish, however we cannot contact you for further information or to tell you of the outcome of your complaint.

Make a complaint

Use the online enquiry form to help us determine if your complaint can be addressed by the PSC.

How we handle your complaint

Your complaint will be handled in accordance with our Customer complaints management policy and procedure.

Your personal information will not be disclosed (other than for the purposes of managing the complaint) to a third party without your consent unless required by law or for the purposes of the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Customer complaints are investigated as a priority, however resolution timeframes can vary depending on complexity. Expected timeframes can be found in our policy.

You will be contacted after your complaint has been considered to notify you of the outcome. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you have a right to request an internal review. Refer to the procedure for further information.

Complaints received by the agency

The PSC is required to publish customer complaints under the Public Sector Act 2022.

Customer complaints are defined as a complaint about the service or action of the agency or its staff, by a person who is directly affected by the service or action.

In 2022–2023 the Public Sector Commission:

  • received no new complaints
  • had two employee complaints where action is ongoing.